About our Company

Allchemica is a Commodity Trading Company and service provider offering a wide array of Chemicals, Minerals, Agricultural, machine tools products, services, literature, in-house service, technical support and financing.  You can count on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

We find many ways to add value as traders, including:
  • Providing Consultative Expertise – We are a strong player with our finger on the pulse of the global marketplace. Both suppliers and buyers benefit from our competitive market insights.
  • Aligning Connections – We work in the middle ground between the suppliers and buyers: when we have understood the needs of both, then we use all our resources, whether they be financial, logistical, market knowledge or so many others, to creatively orchestrate a transaction that benefits all the parties involved.
  • Addressing International Barriers – As a multicultural company, we know how to work on behalf of our clients through all the differences of other countries whether they be cultural, legal, monetary or documentary.
  • Affording Creative Financing – Together with our own financial strength, we have extensive credit facilities from banks around the world; we are able to use these resources to help suppliers and customers obtain maximum financial flexibility.
  • Arranging the Paper Trail – Our team prepares the exhaustive waves of paperwork required to move product around the globe. We manage the flow of legal, operational, financial and customs documents between all parties – double- and triple-checking them for accuracy and compliance, and reworking them as necessary.
  • Lining Up Third Parties – We relieve suppliers and buyers of the responsibilities of securing insurances, inspectors, freight forwarders and load/discharge services, as well as handling all certificates and shipping documents. We select, coordinate and manage all the third parties.
  • Sorting Transport Logistics – Our team negotiates, charters and monitors international transportation services, including vessel, rail and truck. We provide regular vessel updates to suppliers and receivers and punctually resolve any problems that arise in transit.
  • Delivering as Promised – Occasionally the unexpected happens, and if it does, then Allchemica is uniquely prepared to resolve the difficulty and meet the spirit of our agreement – regardless of fault. Our extensive supplier, buyer and logistical network provides us with many options to make good on our promises and offer the most appropriate solutions to our partners